Product design for > Wermut der Gebrüder Elwert / Foto © juni
Corporate design including realisation for the > Brechtfestival Augsburg from 2010 to 2020 / By © KW Neun Grafikagentur
Logo & corporate design for > Kunstwerk Open Air / Flyer, poster, social media, banner
I am Mara Weyel, a passionate graphic designer with a heart for typography & colour. In every project, I strive to not only create designs, but to tell stories - stories that come to life through the right choice of colours, shapes, images or illustrations and fonts. Just like a type consultation, where every detail is tailored to the individual characteristics, I carefully define the elements that shape the corporate design, website or brochure. Through my work, I strive to create a unique visual language that that not only stands out, but also authentically suits my client.
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Mara Weyel
Grafikdesign &
Bildende Kunst

Logo & corporate design for > Herr Brand Bar / Menu cards, labelling, wall stickers, business cards, bags, beer mats, stickers, social media, signs and showcase lettering
Product design & logo for > Goldberner Gin, Gyld Kräuterelexier & Weisser Pfeffi der Gebrüder Elwert / by © KW Neun Grafikagentur, Foto © juni Fotografen
Logo & corporate design for > Suuuper Markt by Mategroup / © KW Neun Grafikagentur
Packaging design & Logo for > TEE of Gebrüder Elwert / By © KW Neun Grafikagentur
Logo & website for > Uhrenstub`
A fiew skills: typography, corporate design development, websites, animations, brochure, flyer, social media, photography, logo, business card, festival design, artwork for vinyl & CDs, posters, packaging, stamps, postcard, merch, books ...

Some clients:
Sandsack Fotografie, FIP Food in Progress Leipzig, fritzlaw, Antonio Moreno Sprachschule für Spanisch, Kulturamt Leipzig - Kulturkollaborateure, Gebrüder Elwert, Mategroup,,, Dr. Stefanie Selm, Stereowald Festival, Hamam Nights, Little Lunch, Augsburger Stadthonig, Jens Friebe, Adulescens, Bodyperfect, Sieber GmbH, Bezirksjugendring Schwaben, Münchner Freiwillige, Atelier75, Ghostcat Medienproduktion, Uhrenstub , Just la Vie – Cyclery, Jenny vom Block

Several awards:
I have won various prizes with the wonderful graphic agency KW NEUN: TDC type directors club, European Design Awards, Reddot Design, IF Communication design award, 100 beste Plakate.
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