Modular Festival 2022 / At the talented KW Neun graphic agency I was allowed to graphically supervise the Modular Festival from 2010 to 2022 / Corporate design and applications such as various posters, flyers, postcards, festival folding plan, visuals for social media & website , stage banners.

Type in use: Zoom VI Pro Normal Medium & Regular / Designer Florian Paizs /

Graphic & photo credits: KW Neun Grafikagentur / Anna-Glatt / Kilian Seiler / Mara Weyel

The Modular Festival is a three-day music festival in Augsburg. It is the largest non-profit youth and pop culture festival in Bavarian Swabia and is organised by the Stadtjugendring Augsburg (SJR) and sponsored by the city of Augsburg.
Originally conceived as an indoor festival in 2007, the Modular Festival has now been transformed into a series of open-air concerts. It attracts around 30,000 visitors over three days. Until 2018, it took place in Wittelsbacher Park around the Augsburg hotel tower. In 2019, the venue was moved to the former gasworks in Augsburg-Oberhausen.

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