Since 2010, the AUTO.MATIC.OPEN has been an annual open air festival for electronic music in Augsburg. Special attention is paid to the harmony between music, graphic design and the location. At the OPEN, graphics go hand in hand with greats from house and techno. The design language and the colourfulness reflect the sound of the artists. From hard to soft. From underground to overground. From the straight bass drum to the broken beat. From the light to the dark.

The design shapes the festival and sets the complete direction. The psychedelic language of form and the reduction to black and white meet the hard techno of uprising stars like DJ Gigola or give Gerd Janson, a true DJ luminary, the right background for his musical journey. The graphics are the setting, the framework, the visual bracket that runs through OPEN from beginning to end, from the first to the last bass drum.

Animations in collaboration with LAFKON

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