me and my egg. you are my egg. what is an egg. it is a small thing, yet so big. it makes women bleed. makes wishes go unfulfilled or come true. makes insecurity and indecision grow. makes thoughts arise.
why is such an egg still so important in our time. which came first, the wish or the egg?
why do we have to or want to reproduce ourselves. care work, why does one want that. i know, one gets love back. so much love, gratitude. one is needed, has a sense in life. i have so many senses, actually i don’t need another one. actually. now you come, society. that’s why i wished for a child. why. what do social norms do to me. is it too late now. why does that make me so sad. so long uncertainty. fear of repenting. in both directions. the world doesn’t need more people who destroy, consume, invent. then why do it anyway. why did i want it anyway. then do i lack a love, a close bond with a being, do i become bitter. or can i unfold myself. do i have to unfold myself. what do i have to become without a hatched egg. can i just be.

why can’t i just be. in today’s society, where decisions can be made, it’s so exhausting to decide. and then maybe if i want to, i can’t. off into the fertility clinic spiral. and suddenly it only counts, this wish that a life-changing something will come out of this egg. a mini-me. although i didn’t feel any wish the whole life before. i’m getting older. now it’s there, caused by artificial scarcity and by the expectations of society. but where does this wish come from, what is reality. what is the mill of always next application. then stop. have to wait. no longer have to think, no more wishing, hoping, worrying. freedom. until at some point the pressure comes again. do i have to. do i want to. why can’t i. why doesn’t it work for me, why does it work everywhere else. do i want to at all, did i ever want to. what does society do to me. i feel guilty. what makes me guilty, my inability. everyone has to function. everyone is supposed to be safe. or what. broken body. asshole body. but actually i don’t want to. actually i’m glad for my broken egg. me and my egg, whatever.

„MDH 00“, Eggsperiment – experiment, performance, text and film, 2023

Minimum shelf life of products – or here: bodies – and the challenge of spoilage Minimum durability (also abbreviated as „MDH“) is a term that can be found on food
food packaging and indicates the date until which the product is expected to retain its optimum quality. In other words, the best before date is the date until which the manufacturer can guarantee that the product will still meet its expectations in terms of flavour, texture, nutritional value and other quality characteristics.

The experiment and the film and installation address the issue of infertility and the inability to have children.

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