Bodies / Mara Weyel – Solo show
18.7.– 31.11.23
TIM – Staatliches Textil-
und Industriemuseum Augsburg


In her artistic work, the Augsburg artist and graphic designer Mara Weyel focuses intensively on the female body and the demands and expectations placed on it by our society.
Her artworks are an expression of critical reflection on the biological and sociological demands placed on a woman’s body and its role in today’s world. of a woman’s body and its role in today’s world.
When is a body considered beautiful? When is it healthy?
How does it relate to a euphorically celebrated cult of youth and beauty? What happens when female physicality does not fulfil the expectations demanded by traditional role models?
As a staunch feminist, Weyel focuses on the imperfection, but also the fragility of the female body and thus offers space for empathy with one’s own body.
for empathy with one’s own body.
The artist’s „sculptures“ are created from discarded plastic packaging – brought awakened to new life and humanised with skin and hair.
The bodies created in this way not only question the commercial nature of an artificial world, but also our own consumer and disposable behaviour.


Group exhibition Kunsthalle UG, Augsburg Congress Centre / Summer 2023


Eggsperiment / experiment, film and installation at Zirka Space in Munich / 2023

Temporary exhibition in the Nodepressionroom in Munich. Feel alone? Me too. Allusion to Me-Too campaign and confrontation with isolation in the time of Covid / 2021

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