I am Mara Weyel, a passionate graphic designer with a heart for typography & colour. In every project, I strive to not only create designs, but to tell stories – stories that come to life through the right choice of colours, shapes, images or illustrations and fonts. Just like a type consultation, where every detail is tailored to the individual characteristics, I carefully define the elements that shape the corporate design, website or brochure. Through my work, I strive to create a unique visual language that that not only stands out, but also authentically suits my client.
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Mara Weyel
Grafikdesign &
Bildende Kunst

My second self is a female and feminist artist. In my free artistic work I deal with the human body, its imperfection, its fragility and its context in the conditions of modern society. I dissect the body into its components, invent new forms, quote and misquote tangents and create new forms of living worlds in painting, sculpture and installation. Here you will find some examples of my artistic work.

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